DIY Panama City Beach Sand Art Souvenir

Make Your Own Sand Art Souvenir

  • 12 Jun 2018

Looking to bring home a souvenir from Panama City Beach without breaking the bank? Make a Sand Art Jar to remind you of all the great memories made on your vacation with By The Sea Resorts!

In order to make your souvenir, you will need a glass jar with lid, thick pieces of sidewalk chalk (we used Crayola), aluminum tins, spoons and, of course, sand! For our glass jar, we used an empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottle. Don’t have any empty glass jars on hand? No worries! You can purchase mason jars with lids for under a dollar at Michaels, which is conveniently located in Pier Park North in Panama City Beach.
Pro Tip: Complete this craft once you return home in order to feel like you are still on vacation!

Step 1
When you are at the beach, fill your jar all the way to the top with sand and seal tightly. Pack this jar carefully in your suitcase so that it does not break during the ride/flight home.

Step 2
Once you have returned home, divvy the sand out into 4-6 aluminum tins. Each color of chalk that you have picked out should have its own tin.

Step 3
Rub one piece of chalk on the sand repeatedly to color it. For best results, rub the chalk on the abrasive bottom of tin and stir the chalk dust into the sand every so often.

Step 4
While holding your jar vertical, use the spoons to fill the jar with alternating layers of colored sand. Make sure to fill the jar all the way up to the top so that the sand does not shift around and ruin the distinct layers.

Step 5
Make sure the lid is screwed on tightly so that the sand does not escape, and enjoy your work of art!